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Editing Rules[edit source]

These are the rules for editing.  Breaking a rule may result in a warning or ban, depending on severity and whether it is a repeat offence.

  1. Do not vandalize pages. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Sexually explicit content.
  • False or irrelevent information.
  • Poor grammar, spelling, or sentence structure.
  • Offensive content.
  • Deletion of valid content. Keep them to user and blog pages.
  • Personal opinions. 

If you fear an action may be considered vandalism, please contact an administrator before performing it.

  1. Do not participate in edit wars. If an agreement cannot be reached, please contact an administrator.
  2. Do not distribute information detailing exploitable bugs or exploiting.
  3. Do not distribute information about anything that may be considered 'cheating'.

Commenting and Forum Rules[edit source]

Do not break any commenting or forum rules (this includes blog posts and user wall posts, along with any other form of public communication). Breaking a rule may result in a warning or ban, depending on severity. Violations include:

  • Spam.
  • Advertisement.
  • Offensive remarks.
  • Death threats.
  • Carrying off-wiki drama or fights to the wiki. Leave all baggage at the door.
  • Active participation in flame wars.
  • Excessive use of profanities.
  • Do not achievement boost.

Image Rules

  • Do not post images where GUIs (player lists, chat, etc) are showing. If they are, crop it out or do not post the image.
  • Don't add pictures of yourself, your teammates or your bases to articles.
  • Only upload images with valid filenames, do not upload images with names unrelated to the content such as "RobloxScreenshot."